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Editorial by Rosemary Blenkinsop

“As I have been preparing for giving the talk on Paris at February’s Gathering, I have found myself in two minds. On the one hand, I know that if we carry on just exactly as we are we are drifting towards a global warming of three degrees or more, which would mean younger generations would struggle to survive amid floods, droughts and hurricanes. Listening to the News I can feel despair; The Government, the Big Six energy companies and Big Oil are showing no sign of wanting to change and reduce carbon with all the billions at their disposal, and knowing full well what awaits us if we don’t. On the other hand, Read more »

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Happy New Year everybody! This is the Second Transition Wirksworth E-Newsletter, keeping you in touch with what the Transition groups are doing in Wirksworth.

For once Climate Change has been a major news item for some weeks…  Appallingly damaging though the floods have been in so many parts of the UK, as well as elsewhere in the world, its been Read more »