What does being a Transition Town mean?

Transition Towns or Transition Initiatives  are when people come together to create a  local ’road map’ for making the transition from dependency on the now depleted fossil fuel industry, to a more sustainable future.

Making the transition to a more sustainable future means changing our present use of energy, energy systems and lifestyles. This presents many exciting and innovative new ideas and possibilities as well as many challenges. Transition Town communities aim to highlight and begin to create these changes at a local level, in the belief that we do not wait for governments to act but do what we can right now to create our own life-style changes.

Transition is looking at everything from reducing our carbon footprint; local energy production (via renewables such as solar or wind); building low-energy housing; growing more food locally; local markets to support local products and producers; reducing waste by creating innovative and inspiring ways to re-cycle, re-use and re-make…. As more people join in, as we share our skills and friendship we find more possibilities for change…… and we find that we enjoy the changes, the companionship and the challenge of doing this differently.

Our transition from dependency on fossil fuels then becomes not about what we give up but about what we gain.

More and more we see evidence of the climate changing due to the warming of the planet. This is caused by burning fossil fuels, cutting down too many forests, and land use changes – with floods, droughts and other extreme weather events happening more frequently. The future for coming generations could be desperately grim if we carry on as we are. We need to ask ourselves: do we continue as we are in our industrial growth society that is destroying the Earth, or do we make the transition to a life sustaining society?


The Transition Network Website is hugely informative and filled with usable resources, inspiring stories and a positive vision of the future. Their monthly newsletter is a joy to receive! www.transitionnetwork.org

Planting a Yew Tree at the Eco Centre January 2017

Planting a Yew Tree at the Eco Centre January 2017


For a Sustainable Future

We began in Spring 2010, after a public meeting was called and many people came together to voice their concerns for climate change and wanting to do something to make a difference. We were looking for solutions, and we were concerned about the future. We joined forces with Sustainable Wirksworth and affiliated ourselves with the Transition Town Movement and became a Transition Town Initiative. See our TW Constitution . We are a committed group of volunteers and supporters, forming a thriving community of like-minded people with a commitment to create beneficial change for a more sustainable future. Since 2010 we have arranged public meetings, put on films and events, public speakers, and had stalls at local events. Our aim is to help inform people about climate change and the different options and possibilities available so that we can all start making changes to our lifestyles, homes and thinking patterns, that will help us to prepare for a future without fossil fuels. Building up local resilience and strengthening community is one of the key visions of the Transition movement. Visit our Facebook page.

We have several action groups, which are all exploring different ways we can adapt to the coming changes. At present we have: the Community Growers, Energy & Housing, Activism, Reduce, Reuse & Recycling. We have many ideas for the future, including a local Transport group; Skill Shares; Textiles, Sewing and Knitting Group…. We need people to put some energy into coordinating these and anything else you have enthusiasm for. Come to our bi-monthly open meetings and share your ideas for ways forward!

We all come together at bi-monthly Open Meetings at our wonderful local Eco Centre www.derbyshire.gov.uk/ecocentre   where the groups share what they are all doing, we plan future events, and discuss any issues dear to our hearts. After the meeting we have a Bring and Share supper, drinks, socialise and get to know each other better. Sometimes we have entertainment!

We also send out regular newsletters, which include updates from the groups, give the dates of various Transition Wirksworth meetings and events and other local events from affiliated local groups that we support.


June 2010 – Early days


Join us! Contact wirksworthti@gmail.com

Click here for more about the national and international Transition Network.