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Open Meeting coming up

The next bi-monthly Open Meeting will be on Friday 15 September at the Eco Centre on Porter Lane. It will be from 6pm to 7.30, and we will welcome Robin Stokes, from Traidlinks, who is coming for an hour to talk about the traders’ campaign on Shop Locally in Wirksworth, and to discuss how Transition might help, since it is a key aim of the Transition movement.

We will go on to have a business meeting until 7.30   PLEASE SEND ITEMS FOR THE AGENDA to Mary Ann, facilitator, on

After the business meeting, we will have our Bring and Share Social with finger foods/ drink that people bring, and a chance to network. (Although apparently there is a Festival event that some might want to go to). We have to be out of the Eco Centre by 9pm. Please come by bus if you can.

Annual Gathering on Wednesday 15 November

Our annual meeting will take place at the Memorial Hall from 7pm to 9.15pm. Please put it in your diaries. There will be:

  • reports from our interest and events groups
  • election of officers
  • refreshments
  • a speaker to be announced.

What can do for Transition Wirksworth?

We gave a donation to the development of the new website because we believed our efforts to build a sustainable local community in Wirksworth were hampered by not having a central hub for electronic information about the town. The website in Wirksworth has been live for about four months. Has it made a difference? It is beginning to but slowly, as people get to know it’s there and what it can do for us.

Anyone can add an event using a form from a link on the Home page under Residents (you submit the form to be published). You can also find out about ongoing events and classes from the Residents page. Under About our Town click on Weekly Events, where you will find links to the calendars of the Leisure Centre, the Coach House Studios, Town Hall venues’ events, Town Council meetings and some other weekly and monthly events. Please tell people about it! Here are a few more useful items on the website.

  • On the Home page, there is also a Menu at the top. Click on it to go directly to Visitors, Residents, Events, Business Directory, or About.
  • Below the blue Menu is a very useful Search this site.
  • On the Residents page, click on Community Groups and you will find details for about 75 local groups under a variety of categories, sometimes under more than one category (so guess if it isn’t obvious).
  • On the Residents page, under Civic, click on Transport and you will find (near the top) a link to the county map of current roadworks. Check it before you head out!

Have a look at the links on the Residents and the Visitors pages. A lot of the information on the website is available from both pages, but organised for the different needs of the two groups. There is also Emergency information which includes where our four defibrillators are and a contact for vets.

If you have any queries or suggestions, 

Transitioner Mary Ann Hooper is on the support group (of four people) for the website worker, Alice Munro, who is now paid for just five hours work a week, all the money available at this point.

Volunteers are needed to help maintain the site, to promote it and to begin to develop more interactive material, like quizzes and human interest tidbits. Work needed includes easy admin work that would take only as much time as you offer. Do contact Mary Ann to say what you might be interested in doing and to find out more.

The electric car re-charging points are now installed at the Co-op, thanks to the initiative of our Recycling & Waste Group.

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This consultation is relevant to Transition Wirksworth because the plan being proposed will make it necessary for everyone to travel further for many health services – whereas Transitioners point out that it’s important for services to be as local as possible. It’s also important for all of us in Wirksworth.
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Exploring ways to feel empowered

in a changing world

We are all deeply concerned at the backward steps our government has been taking on the environment and fracking, and many of us are also reeling from the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA. What he stands for threatens our efforts to make the world fossil-free, sustainable and safe from runaway climate change, but we draw hope from the world-wide solidarity of last weekend’s demonstrations which showed that if the new president tries to turn the clocks back, Read more »

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“Exploring ways to feel empowered in a changing world”

 Editorial by Glennie Kindred

What is a Transition Town? I am often asked and find it hard to define it in a few words……. The very best place to see what the Transition Town movement is all about is the website of the Transition Network  A visit there always fills me with hope and inspiration…..

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“Exploring ways to feel empowered in a changing world”

Sally Tresidder as rhubarb at the Carnival 2016Did you go to the fabulous Wirksworth Carnival procession on Bank Holiday Monday? It had more floats and participation from residents than it’s had for years. Our Transition ‘Grow Your Own Local Food’ entry was a great hit, with amazingly inventive costumed fruit and vegetables! Everyone had a wonderful time together – a real celebration of our diverse and creative community!

Or didn’t you know it was happening? Finding out ‘What’s On’ in this town is a matter of luck. Wouldn’t it be great if and its calendar of events were working properly? Read more »

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Sowing Seeds Locally by Rosemary Blenkinsop. May 2016

As part of the Carnival at the end of the month, some of Transition Wirksworth are dressing up as vegetables we can grow locally. I hope to go as a chili pepper- as I love a bit of hot spice in my dinner! And despite the uncertain weather of early spring, now is the very best time to sow seeds for a huge variety of flowers and vegetables. We are so fortunate in this country to be able to grow such a vast selection, and what a marvel it is that a small seed less than your smallest toenail Read more »

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With the burst of spring-time comes movement! Both in our gardens, and within our global transition from our fossil fuel dependency….. The great global energy transition is accelerating. Who could have imagined a few years ago that global carbon emissions would stall in 2015, spurred by a rise in renewable energy? Or that Read more »

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The top ten stories from the drama of the Paris Climate Summit in December and its aftermath through to end February are according to campaigner Jeremy Leggett as follows: Key policymakers are now serious about climate risk. Civil society has awoken in critical mass. Regulators are beginning to regulate climate risk. Disruption is moving faster than most people think. Read more »